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Meet The Visionary & Founder

Pastor Nawanna Lewis Miller, Life-long Believer, Time-Honored Innovator, Founding Mother

Pastor Nawanna Lewis Miller

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  • She is an Honor Graduate of H.M. Turner High School in Atlanta, Georgia, along with other ground-breaking graduates like Charlayne Hunter-Gault, Dr. Hamilton Holmes, and Mary Frances Early.

  • She is one of the early African-American graduates of the University of Georgia where she earned her A.B.J. Degree in Broadcast Journalism in 1973.

  • While serving her UGA community, she became known as the Mistress of Cultural Affairs in 1970 when she founded the Pamoja Singers, Pamoja Dancers, Pamoja Drama and Arts Group, and the Journalism Association for Minorities, who produced the Pamoja Newspaper. Her trailblazing creation of Pamoja Connections still continues on UGA's campus to this very day, over 50 years later.

  • She holds a Master of Arts in Organizational Communications from Howard University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

  • She holds a Master of Divinity Degree from Howard University School of Divinity.

  • She is one of the early women in the Baptist Denomination to be licensed and/or ordained.

  • Licensed in 1989 and Ordained to Preach in 1992, not unlike some of her experiences at the University, Pastor Nawanna was met with wide-spread public objection to her ordination as a female preacher.

  • Against initial criticism and prejudice amongst male-dominated clergy, she went on to become the Director of Metropolitan’s 50 Component Youth and Children’s Ministries, and served as the Director of 55 Church-Wide Ministries.

  • Founding Pastor of the Messiah’s Temple Christian Ministries from 1995 to 2015.

  • Founder and Lead Director of The Institute for Christian Discipleship, Inc. since 1995, where she teaches nationally and travels as a conference speaker.

  • Founding President and Chairperson of Proof Positive Communications, Inc., since 1981.

  • She is the published author of 5 books to date (Cruising The Cosmos, Angels In My RoomSister Eagle, Oh God! My Preacher Is Pregnant, and The Glorified Stroke) and the workbook, Heal The Hurt! Live The Victory!

  • She is a personal pastor and counselor to people from all walks of life. She’s a leader’s leader.

  • On June 3, 2015, she suffered a stroke and her life has been forever changed. Out of that experience, arose “The Gospel of Great Health”, where Pastor Nawanna teaches the supernatural energy techniques for healing and wholeness that she shares with students and churches around the U.S.

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Enjoy these above dynamic published works by Pastor Nawanna Lewis Miller

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