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While we are thrilled with the amazing amount of submissions of wonderful stories we have been receiving, there's no way we could tell them all.  HOWEVER, if you'd like to submit a 3-minute self taped video and share your personal experience about your Pamoja Connection, start by completing the following:
(1) Complete the below Submission Form
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About The Film

"When The Dogs Left" (WTDL) celebrates the life and times of UGA student Nawanna Lewis, who graduated with honors from the same Henry McNeal Turner High School as University of Georgia desegregation pioneers, Charlayne Hunter-Gault, Hamilton E. Holmes, and Mary Frances Early.  Nawanna Lewis Miller arrived at UGA to discover that not much had changed since 1961. She had the bravery and fortitude to rewrite that reality by founding PAMOJA in 1970.  WTDL shares interwoven experiences of students across 50 years who've been impacted by young Nawanna Lewis Miller's courage to create and celebrate culture through performing arts and journalism.  Many alumni, some who are now well into their 70’s, credit Pamoja with their occupation, career success, and their general sanity while navigating the predominately white campus life and faculty of UGA. From award-winning journalists, film-television-music entertainers, to best-selling authors, professors of higher education, international public figures, and professionals from all walks of life, this film is a collection of their stories.  Thank you to all of the University of Georgia alumni and current students who will appear in this film sharing your personal experiences in a film that will encourage, educate, and inspire generations now and generations to come. 



Pamoja Connections - Documentary

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