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Pamoja Connections - Book

If you do not wish to be on camera, but would still like to tell your story, we’d love to have you as a Book Contributor. The book will include personal stories from individuals just like you who have been impacted by Pamoja Connections organizations.  Please complete the Submission Form below.


Pastor Nawanna Lewis Miller and Contributors are writing a book based on the life and times of Pastor Miller as the Founder and Visionary of Pamoja.  The book explores the past pain and celebrates the joyous victories associated with being a member and/or supporter of the Pamoja Connections groups and how those experiences have shaped the lives of University Alumni, who’s Pamoja lineage boasts politicians, professors, television and film stars, educators, doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, and successful individuals from all walks of life. 

Book Contributor Submission Form

Let's start working together to build a bridge that connects the past to the present and leads us into the future. 

What's your Pamoja Connection? Select all that apply.
Specify your decade of membership.
Thanks for submitting!


  1. Submit both a current headshot and UGA era picture to be considered for inclusion in the Book. 

  2. Submit a paragraph describing your experience and its impact on your life.

  3. Be prepared to sign an NDA and Release should you be selected. 

  4. Along with your Name and Phone Number, please submit the above to 

Final Book Contributor Submission Requirements

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