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Welcome to Pamoja Connections

Where over 50 years of excellence in performing arts & professional journalism groups, clubs, organizations, publications, and courses have enriched the campus, community, and culture of the University of Georgia through the various Pamoja Groups.

About Pamoja Connections

We formalize the entirety of the history and connect the dots of Pamoja Connections on the campus of the University of Georgia.  This rich history began in 1970 when young Nawanna Lewis founded the student organizations of Pamoja which means "together" in Swahili.  Over 50 years later, Pamoja still thrives on the campus of UGA with the African American Choral Ensemble “AACE” (formerly Pamoja Singers), Pamoja Dance Company (formerly Pamoja Dancers), the Black Theatrical Ensemble "BTE" (formerly Pamoja Drama and Arts), InfUSion Magazine (formerly the Pamoja Newspaper produced by the Journalism Association for Minorities "JAM"), which is known today as the National Association of Black Journalists "NABJ".  TOGETHER we are collectively referred to as “Pamoja Connections”.


Pamoja Singers

Pamoja Dancers

Pamoja Drama and Arts

Pamoja Newspaper

Journalism Association for Minorities 


African American Choral Ensemble

Pamoja Dance Company

Black Theatrical Ensemble

InfUSion Magazine

National Association of Black Journalists

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